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All future regularly scheduled Board of Education Meetings will be held in Room A-5 at Broad Brook Elementary School,  effective Wednesday, July 27, 2022. 

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Instructional Technology

Instructional Technology
Instructional Technology

Remote Learning Resources

A Guide to Joining Teams as a Guest
A Video Tutorial Playlist of East Windsor's Online Learning Platforms Including Teams

Interactive Demos for Microsoft Teams

  • Teams Demo for Parents

  • Teams Demo for Teachers

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  • Teams Demo for Teachers Creativity

Documents and Guides

Classroom Resources

  • Digital Tools

    The home page for interactive, digital tools.
  • Online Resources

    Internet resources for the classroom teacher.
Virtual Meeting Rules
Virtual Meeting Rules

Forms & Documents

EdTech News

September 30th
In the classroom, pedagogy rules — or, at least, it should, according to Weston Kieschnick, education consultant, podcaster and author of the books Bold School: Old School Wisdom + New School Technologies and The Educator’s Atla…
September 30th
Educators are juggling a lot this year, especially as staff shortages in K–12 school districts continue. One way for district leaders and IT administrators to ease the burden is through efficiency, which they can achieve using technical so…
September 28th
Cyberattacks on schools are on the rise. Since 2016, the K12 Security Information Exchange (K12 SIX) has cataloged more than 1,300 publicly disclosed cyber incidents affecting U.S. school districts, with the pace of attacks steadily increasing. …
September 27th
Educational institutions have been among the hardest hit when it comes to security breaches over the past two years. Cybercrime and ransomware have become so prevalent that President Biden signed the K–12 Cybersecurity Act into law in Octo…
September 23rd
Battery backup systems have come a long way from the clunky devices once used to protect individual computers. Today, they are networkable, rack-mountable, easy to manage and can even convert dirty power into a clean sine wave that can extend th…
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