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Kindergarten registration for the 21-22 School Year is now open! 

  • If your child is turning 5 by December 31, 2021, please contact the Central Registration Office at 860-623-3346 X7415 for registration details.
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Instructional Technology

Instructional Technology
Instructional Technology

Remote Learning Resources

A Guide to Joining Teams as a Guest
A Video Tutorial Playlist of East Windsor's Online Learning Platforms Including Teams

Interactive Demos for Microsoft Teams

  • Teams Demo for Parents

  • Teams Demo for Teachers

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  • Teams Demo for Teachers Creativity

Documents and Guides

Classroom Resources

  • Digital Tools

    The home page for interactive, digital tools.
  • Online Resources

    Internet resources for the classroom teacher.
Virtual Meeting Rules
Virtual Meeting Rules

Forms & Documents

EdTech News

November 29th
All K–12 school districts have some variation of content filtering in place. They have to, to comply with the Children’s Internet Protection Act. Since its passing in 2000, CIPA has required schools to protect students from inappropriate …
November 29th
Cybersecurity solutions have long tried to account for human error. Districts may invest time and money into training staff and students on best practices for keeping their networks secure, including everything from recognizing phishing att…
November 22nd
As K–12 districts use more cloud computing and Software as a Service applications, district leaders need to be sure the apps that students and teachers use are properly configured and appropriately secured. Expert services can help schools conf…
November 19th
K–12 schools saw drops in enrollment this school year, as students switched to permanently virtual options. Some districts made plans to offer fully virtual learning to students and families who opted to continue learning remotely. This sh…
November 18th
The nearly 100,000 public K–12 schools in the U.S. sit on 2 million acres of land and are among the largest public energy consumers, according to K12 Climate Action. The Aspen Institute initiative launched in 2020 with the goal of enacting chan…
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