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Library Media Center

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Ms. Elaine Shapiro                 
Library Media Specialist
Phone: (860) 623-2433

Welcome to the Library!

Click here for Summer Learning Bingo and more 



Summer Learning!

Stay on the Learning Mountain!

Just like exercise keeps your muscles strong,

 Reading and Math keep your Brain Strong

Start your next grade ready to make New Progress!

 Earn Raffle Tickets for Prizes when you:

*Do the Bingo Activities (check them off as you go)  Color in each calendar day that you read for 20 minutes or do math.

*Email  a picture of yourself doing Summer Learning to to post on our Facebook page.

*Bring this packet back to school after the summer.

*Bring a picture of you doing Summer Learning to  school for our Summer Learning Bulletin Board.

*Bring a sample of your best work from Summer Learning to school 

Looking for Summer Reading Recommendations? Here Are Some of SLJ's Favorite  Lists. | School Library Journal


Library Classes

Pre K

We read a fun story called Is That Wise, Pig?.  The animals are making soup, and bringing vegetables like potatoes and onions.  The pig brings umbrellas and galoshes.  Is that wise, Pig?? You might not think so, until you read the book and find out why those items came in handy.

1st Grade

We read a very old story that children still relate to.  Curious George Rides a Bike, by H. A. Rey.  We talked about what curious means, that feeling that you just have to know something you don't know.  George's curiosity leads to fun escapades, but also gets him into trouble. My favorite part is when he stops delivering the newspapers, making them into boats to sail down the river instead!

2nd Grade

 Students are working hard on alphabetical order, and beginning to use that skill to find words in the Cat in the Hat Beginner Dictionary.  We will move on to another dictionary soon, and learn how to find out the meanings of words.  To practice alphabetical order, there are links to 2 computer games, under Learning Games, to the right on this page.

3rd Grade

Students are learning about keywords and how to use them.  The keyword is the important word in a question. This is the word you look up to answer your research questions.  Students are given questions, have to identify the keyword, then use it and the print encyclopedia to find the answer.  For example, if you want to know how many moons Jupiter has, you look up Jupiter. This also requires alphabetical order skill.

4th Grade

Students are learning how to verify research sources.  With all the news on social media these days, we cannot believe everything we read.  The best thing to do before passing on a story you hear is to check a couple of other sources and see if you find the same story.  Students are doing a simple version of this, by using 3 different research sources to answer the same question, and looking to see if the answers are the same.

Ms. Shapiro's Book Reviews

Grade 3-4

To read more about these great books (Jennifer Murdley's Toad, Lemonade Crime, Pirates of Crocodile Swamp, The Fairy Tale Detectives) click here:

Book Reviews Grades 3 - 4

Grade 2

Try a new series! Martin Bridge, Mercy Watson, ZigZag Kids, or My Weird School.  To read more about these books, click here: Grade 2 Reviews.

Grade 1

Great Early Reader series: Poppy and Max, Cork and Fuzz, Minnie and Moo, Penny.

Grade 1 Reviews



Resource Links

Research and Information

Finding Books


          Read whatever you like.  Here are places to find books:


 *** If you live in Hartford, the Hartford Public Library lends books and has summer reading programs:


 * Borrow books from The Warehouse Point Library

Their Tumblebook Library is a plentiful collection of ebooks and story videos.

 * Swap books with friends.

 * EPIC Large collection of ebooks. They offer a free trial, and until June 17th, a special offer for first time users:  3 months for $10.

 * Destiny ebooks  Choose BBS, search for ebooks, click Open.

 * Book suggestions:


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